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Housing with existing gas lines

Households (application by phone)
Information needed:
  • Applicant’s personal information (Name,Personal ID Number, Contact Phone Number),Individual acting as a representative for the applicant are also required to provide their personal information for record keeping purposes.
  • Please call 2768-4999 EXT 609 for details.
Commercial Customers (Requires documentation of identity, deposit payment)
Information needed:
  • Individuals: Personal ID or Valid Passport/ROC (Taiwan) Resident Certificate
  • Companies: Corporate Registration Certificate
  • Personal ID of the representative (agent)
  • Applications are accepted at the Taipei Gas Customer Service Center only. - Guan Fu North Road, Lane 11, No.35, 1st Floor

Housing without gas pipelines

Gas Pipeline Quotation Fees (Households: NT100, Commercial: NT500), our engineer will be dispatched to provide a quotation. (Download Application Form)
Application Process

Customers wishing to resume gas service

Customers with outstanding gas fee are requested to settle their gas bill. Otherwise, the applications will not be accepted.
Property owners: Applicant’s personal information (Name, Personal ID Number, Contact Phone Number). Please call 2768-4999 EXT 609 for services.
Please fill in the Agreement of Customer Name Change form, faxing to 2762-9695, and calling the customer service line 2768-4999 EXT 609 for modification.
Commercial users on a lease:
  • Apply for account transfer: Corporate Registration Certificate, Personal ID of the business owners, Corporate Seals, Personal ID and Seal of the agent, Receipt of Deposit Payment.
  • Deposit Payment: Corporate Registration Certificate, Personal ID of the agent. (Gas Deposit Overview)