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Current Pricing:NT10.38 (Due to natural gas price adjustments,natural gas retail price increased from the previous NT 10.16 to NT 10.38/m3 by NT 0.22 effective from 05.01.2021.)
Method of Calculation:
  • Accumulated Meter Reading for the current period - Accumulated Meter Reading for the previous period = Volume Used (or Volume refundable)
  • Volume Used (or Volume Estimated)*price/m3 + Basic Fee = Natural Gas Fee for the current period.
  1. Basic Fees tariff for various types of Gas Meters (Unit: NTD per month)
Type Mechanical Gas Meter Microcomputer Gas Meter
AX2, V2, T2, SL2, 3FM, H3, N3, W75, G1.6, SR3, NS3, G2.5, APS3, AC95, KD-G2.5, H5, RW200, SP175, KS5, NS4, NS5, NS6, R275 60 100
NS7 85 150
G6, RW415, SP400, AL425, NS10 120 235
NS15, NS16, G10, RW750, AL800 200 360
RW1000, AL1000, NS30, G25, RW3000, AL1400, NS50, AL2300, RW5000, G65, RW10000, CTR5M, NS120, 5.5MR, G100R, 7M175, G250R, G400R 500 840
  1. Calculation of Gas Fees per period:Meter reading reported │ Without known (reported) meter reading
  1. Fee per Volume and Basic Fee explained: As of 01.01.2006, Taipei Gas natural gas charges follow the new Basic Fee calculation System.
    1. Calculation of Basic Fee
      Basic Fee (per month per customer) = [gas pipe replacement cost (gas meter inlet side) + gas meter cost + meter reading collection cost + billing cost + periodic inspection cost + information service cost + capital cost separation using a tariff base]/number of customers/12
    2. Calculation of Fee per Volume
      Fee per Volume (per m3) = [gas operation cost + gas storage cost + distribution cost + maintenance cost + capital cost separation using a tariff base]/Total gas distribution volume for the year